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We create...MAPS-terpieces!

"We create maps-terpieces!"

Sketches,etc. can take your campus to a higher level by providing your school with a practical and beautiful 3-D aerial perspective illustrative map. We illustrate a variety of campuses for multimedia marketing purposes. We prepare and create maps for digital needs, prints and any other marketing products. Our high resolution artwork can be enlarged for billboards or reduced for business cards. Besides creating way finders, We also manage the files for you. We can easily update your map as you grow and prosper. Many consider us their off site campus artist. Watch the pride and excitement grow as you show people where to go!


What makes Sketches, etc. maps unique and the best investment?

We give you a product that is far more versatile than any other way-finder on the market. As the old saying goes "It's harder to go up than down." This is so true with resolution. Most internet maps are created for just that- the sole purpose of a web site or virtual tour. In order to view these maps on the internet quickly, the resolution of the map only needs to be 72 dpi (dots per inch). The minimum dpi for printing is 300 dpi, but we create our maps at 450-600 dpi. This higher resolution gives you the flexibility to print billboard size, reduce it to a business card or make it interactive on the internet without losing the quality of the illustration. We work hard to give you a great pride piece for your campus... on or off the internet. You can use it anywhere and everywhere you want! Let us help you show your campus off!


Let Sketches, etc. "draw" attention to your campus:


    •  Recruitment for Prospective Students
    •  Ideal for VIRTUAL TOURS, interactive maps and mobile app friendly
    •  Send as posters to high school counselors to display in their office
    •  Attractive wayfinders and walking tour maps
    •  Instantly acquaints students with campus
    •  Enlarges to wall size for pre-tour display



    • Wonderful framed gifts - Go to our products tab
    • "Thank you" stationary
    • Exhibits pride in alma mater



    • Makes a statement about your campus
    • Communicates pride in your school
    • Makes attractive on campus signage and en route billboard



    •  Great tool for future planning
    •  Easily updates to meet your growing needs
    •  Proposed buildings presented on separate layers for presentations
    •  Eliminates distractions
    •  Accentuates the best view, even if under construction



    • Campus Illustrations provide artwork for all publications:
      • Viewbooks, yearbooks, reports, proposals, etc.



    • Adds visual impact to your school
    • Shows off your campus at its best
    • Creates pride for staff, faculty, students, alumni
    • Let's people "see" what you're all about
    • Way finder for special functions and visitors on campus