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Pencil no bkgrd copyfacing rt.png"We create MAPS-terpieces!"

  1.75sketches_logoteal.png  can "draw" attention to your campus.




    •  Recruitment for Prospective Students
    •  Ideal for VIRTUAL TOURS, interactive maps and mobile app friendly                              
    •  Send as posters to high school counselors to display in their office
    •  Attractive wayfinders and walking tour maps
    •  Instantly acquaints students with campus
    •  Enlarges to wall size for pre-tour display 



    • Wonderful framed gifts - Go to our products tab
    • "Thank you" stationary
    • Exhibits pride in alma mater



    • Makes a statement about your campus
    • Communicates pride in your school
    • Makes attractive on campus signage and en route billboard



    •  Great tool for future planning
    •  Easily updates to meet your growing needs
    •  Proposed buildings presented on separate layers for presentations
    •  Eliminates distractions
    •  Accentuates the best view, even if under construction



    • Campus Illustrations provide artwork for all publications:
      • Viewbooks, yearbooks
      • Reports, proposals, etc.



    • Adds visual impact to your school
    • Shows off your campus at its best
    • Creates pride for staff, faculty, students, alumni
    • Let's people "see" what you're all about
    • Way finder for special functions and visitors on campus