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About Sketches, etc. 

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Sherry\'s 2015 portait 2x3 lo rescopy.jpg Sherry Harris Erb President and Founder  

Sherry, Originally from Greenwich, CT majored in Cartography and Art at Briarcliff College in New York. Soon after marrying Doug, they moved to Florida and started a family. Twenty some years later she began Sketches etc. with a friend and became sole owner in 1995. Sherry's mom often referred to Sherry as "a sketch" thus was the inspiration for the company's name.

Sherry is very dedicated and talented at drawing your campus!  She loves traveling, meeting new people, discovering new places, photography, hanging out of airplanes, architecture and, of course, drawing and painting. Fortunately, she was able to combine all her passions into a business with the encouragement of her husband Doug and their 5 children. 


Everett Erb Vice President    Rhettphoto1.5A.png

"Rhett"  graduated from Georgia Southern University with a degree in Public Relations and marketing in 1999. He has been with Sketches since 2002. His talents are many and he has a great perspective view of the world especially when it comes to drawing it or illustrating your campus.  He is the detail artist. The guy to go to for clean precise lines and a great source of comic relief.

Rhett enjoys the outdoors, fishing, golfing and spending time with his family.


Whit015_MG_1508.jpg Whitney Elam  Marketing and Sales Coordinator

Whitney has a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications from the University of Montevallo, AL and earned a Masters from Union College, KY

Whitney brings to Sketches, etc. her gift and knowledge of communications, her creativity, organization and team spirit. When not plugging "Sketches" she enjoys spending time with her family and staying involved in the volleyball community in Tampa.