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Magnetic Puzzle Maps
Sketches, etc. maps are not only appealing, but are now MAGNETIC!
A. 5"x7"  ADMISSIONS size(16 or 30 pieces) this handy size magnetic Puzzle Map is a perfect gift for prospective students or as an orientation giveaway. A fun way to introduce the campus and help them get familiar with it. This size puzzle comes with an printed sheet with a place to customize to tell fun facts about your campus- or campus facts at a glance. Buy in bulk and save!
B. 8"x10" BOOKSTORE size(30 or 70 pieces) Great size to sell in the bookstore for gifts or for families to display on their refrigerator.  
C. 11"x14" CHILDREN size - (6 pieces) The pieces are larger for easy handling. A fun way to get younger siblings of students, faculty or staff to get to know the campus. Perfect for road trips to the campus or around town - bring a cookie sheet as a work board for the magnetic puzzle and avoid losing pieces. It will bridge the generation gap as Grandparents and grandkids can put the pieces together!

D. 11"x18" DONORS size - (126 pieces) can be purchased as give aways for donors, alumni, graduation gifts, etc. Can be personalized per puzzle for an extra cost and lasting memory. An attractive metal stand with base is available for purchase as well. This display will surely "Draw attention" to your campus and your contribution.